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Intelligent Economy

Intelligent Economy is the learning program designed to develop the generic competences and skills needed to create high added value. The program is based on real-world challenges, with a strong focus on developing critical thinking, creativity and social skills.

The Intelligent Economy's curriculum consists of four areas of study: Market and Society; Finance and Economics; Design and Engineering; and Artificial Intelligence. The curriculum period is one academic year.

Intelligent Economy - the learning program best suited for students between 15 and 19 years old.

Program code in Qualification Improvement Programs and Events Register (QIPAR): 121100386

Intelligent Economy has an accreditation as a non-formal education program.


During the first weekly classes, attention is paid to mastering the laws of market economy, financial knowledge, business ethics and social skills. The second half of the school year focuses more on technological knowledge, the development of technological skills and their application in project activities. Outcome of the curriculum - the technological product selected at the beginning of the curriculum by the student group and developed during the academic year.

The learning program consists of 36 weekly 2 hours long meetings; additional work in groups; on-demand consultations by professional teachers.

During and after the learning program, students are provided with opportunities and assistance in preparing for the necessary exams, helping them to enter the university they want, helping them to prepare for the job they want and getting an internship placement, or providing the help they need to start a business.

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For accepted students are applied tuition fees compensation instruments to ensure equal opportunities to learn for everyone.

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